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Global Innovation
Strategic Implementation

International development and consulting firm, Bizos Cavallo Enterprises uses its global network of business, alliance partners and constituent relationships to develop and further enhance product, service, and technological solutions across a variety of industries.


Unique strategies to develop and grow or accelerate your business to the next level, our focus is razor sharp.

Optimize your supply operations to drive operational efficiency, lower supply costs, and achieve integrated supply goals with strategic solutions that deliver industry-leading savings and value. With years of experience assisting clients with new product development, innovative solution development, future risk planning or growth strategy, we’ll triangulate and prioritize against your goals.

  • Get experienced commercial knowledge
  • Gain fresh creative ideas
  • Increase your sales and develop new products
  • Obtain actionable ROI from your tactics

Problems Analysis & Strategic Development

We continue to research and develop environmentally responsible solutions that improve quality of life. Our consultants leverage decades of industry experience and client commitment to deliver solutions that work for your business and your people, no matter the challenge.

Alliance & Strategic Network

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The unique patented technology is a revolution in the freshness, preservation, freezing, and thawing of agricultural products, and has established new standards for quality. From the producer to the end-user, DENBA+ is preferred by customers throughout the cold chain.

Sanders, Inc., specializes in unique filter applications. For over 20 years Sanders Inc. has designed, developed, and modified specialized filters using HEPA grade & previously NIOSH-approved material.
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